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Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app that allows users to meet online, with video.  Zoom users can collaborate on projects together while viewing each other online. utilizes the Zoom conferencing tool to connect with you during your online art classes with us. To learn more you can visit the website.


You will automatically receive an email from Zoom once you have selected and paid for your ZippyZoom Art Class. You will also receive a separate email your Confirmation Receipt for the purchase of your Art Class from ZippyZoom. (for me ...note any other doc , links or receipts)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have your art supplies in your possession before your Zoom Classroom Meeting with us begins.  For your convenience, we have organized the art supplies you will need. You can CLICK HERE to view our Recommended Supply List for your chosen class. Shipping and delivery times may vary depending on your area. 

When you receive your Zoom Meeting Invitation your next move is to use the text link in the email. It will open up to a page that looks like this. If you have not yet downloaded the App. You'll also notice a link at the top of the page that says Join! It's free! Take the time to Sign Up Now. This way you'll have the App on your device well before your class takes place. 













  • Click on the link you received Via Email to join the class.

  • For the first few minutes of class, students will be "un-muted" so that they can converse with the teacher. Then all students will be muted as a group so that there won’t be any distractions from background noise in your home or wherever you are connecting from. 

  • If you need to ask a question during your class, you will be able to un-mute yourself.  

  • Once the class starts, you will see the teacher on the screen in a large box and then several smaller boxes containing the other students. 

ZOOM Online Meetings start and come to completion in a punctual manner. is only responsible during scheduled classroom appointment times.

You must have Internet access with good and reliable reception, a computer with a video camera on it, an

Once you've downloaded your version of ZOOM from the website, you can simply  copy the Meeting ID from your invitation letter and input your Meeting ID without all the extra steps. There is alot to know. Click Here for more info on the ZOOM website.

Smile, You are on camera! Video cameras are always on and focused during class time. Point your camera on you, the art piece you are working on, or both for the duration of class.

Do not keep your personal photo/icon, a blank screen showing only your name, or the camera focused on a blank wall or an empty space in your surroundings.

We are in this together. Just as it is important to see your Instructor on camera, as he/she teaches your class, it is equally important for your instructor to see you and your artwork to assist  in your progress.

Not adhering to this protocol is unacceptable. 



Sign up for the Zoom App prior to class

  • Download the Zoom App to your computer, tablet or phone a day to class 

  • Download the free Zoom App HERE & choose the blue button that says " Zoom Client for Meetings"

  • Make sure you install the updated version of Zoom on your device to ensure it will work smoothly. 

  • Make sure you download the App to the device you plan on using for the class.

Signing up for your ONLINE CLASS

  • You will need to register for online classes ahead of time on our website a

  • After you register for a class, you will receive a registration confirmation via email with a link & instructions on how to join the class via Zoom. 

  • If you have already registered for an in-studio class that has been changed to an online class, you do not need to register again. We will send you an invite to join the via email

  • This will be the same Zoom link for every class, and you may access it the same way for every class, but you will still need to register every week so we know you plan on attending. 

How do I access my class?

  • To access Zoom on your device- CLICK on the class link in the confirmation email, at the appropriate class time.

  • Make sure your Zoom Name is easily recognizable for us & matches the name/email on your registration, otherwise we will not know that you are officially registered for the class. That name window will pop up the first time you use Zoom.



  • Please note all ONLINE classes, require you to purchase your own art supplies. Please purchase them prior to your session so you are prepared and ready at class time. 

  • A Recommended Supply List for your course can be found HERE- Scroll down the page to find your class & media type.

  • At ZippyZoom we promote individuality and creativity. If you wish additional colors or anything not listed on our Recommended Supply Lists purchase it if you desire. 

  • With Mixed Media or exploratory classes in 3D art, simple papers, interesting things that you might find in your own home, recycled toys, machine parts, more samples here. There are absolutely no rules or limits to what you can create!

  • Currently ZippyZoom is opening with Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas classes for Adults and Kids. 
    Look Here to see what we will be offering in the future.

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