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Online Promotion & Sales Manager

Job Description
The Online Promotion & Sales  Manager, understands and easily navigates all social media. He/She understands and can utilize analytics to best determine advertising strategies to fill ZippyZoomArt's classrooms with excited and enthusiastic art students.  Painting enthusiasts of all skill levels, individuals, couples, small and large classroom groups, kids, teens and adults are the target audiences for our type of service.  Sales is an important component for our Manager.  The position skillfully combines promotion and sales to create success. 
The ZippyZoomArt formula goes like this: 
Product Awareness (Promotion) + Value Offered in the Marketplace (Information to Paint Enthusiasts of all skill levels) + Generated Revenue (committed patrons) = Positive Sales & Continued Sustainability

Our Sales Manager networks with individuals, parents, teachers, group leaders, churches, classrooms and business team-builders of all types. He/She provides suggestions in creating copy for enticing package deals, negotiates lucrative group deals, and successfully recruits paying customers to participate in our Zoom classrooms. We currently have the capacity for up to 100 participants per classroom. will train you in any additional skills which will be required for this opportunity in the future.


Responsibilities include:
Meeting our customer acquisition and revenue growth targets:
A minimum goal of 20 ADULTZ paying attendees that have their own supplies ready per class. These are minimal
goals that will increase periodically over time. At the present our capacity is 100 students per zoom class session.

Note: Adult classes include couple parties, special occasions, business groups of all types and individuals.
The minimum goal is 25 attendees per classroom. 

A minimum goal of 1 KIDZ student group ages 7-12 with their own supplies ready and signed up by an adult for 1 week's worth of classes.  A minimum goal of: 1 TEENZ group ages 13-17 with their own supplies ready - signed up by an adult for 1 week's worth of classes. These are minimal goals that will increase periodically over time. At the present our capacity is 100 students per zoom class session. Note: For TEENZ and KIDZ classes, 2 individual students or more is considered one group. 1 week =  4 days in a row -or- 1 day per week for 4 weeks. 

• Building and promoting strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering
with attendees and keeping them updated on new products, events and classes at


• Responsible for maximizing our sales potential


• Reporting potential booking forecasts to the CEO

• Researching possible groups to sign up for ZippyZoomArt classes.

• Managing future sales team members to assist when the need arises. 

• Excellent time management, communication and interpersonal skills

• Work together as a team or individually with honesty and integrity

• Computer skills, social network familiarity and general internet knowledge


• Must be punctual, dependable capable of following instructions

Possesses a strong work ethic, with an eagerness to learn and a positive attitude

• Preferred Education/Experience: College Degree in Promotion or Sales related field -or- Equivalent Skills

This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:
• Dependable – competent working independently or in a team situation with excellent organization skills
• People-oriented -- self motivated and disciplined with great oral communication and writing skills
• Innovative -- creative and quick thinking, effective decision maker, works well in unconventional ways 
• Amazing Mad Skillz -- a wiz with numbers, an
 effective sales and promotion idea-creator, patient and proficient at teaching and training new and unique, financial strategies.
In conclusion, not required however experience in other artistic disciplines such as bookings/artist management and entertainment law skillz are a bonus because will be expanding to include additional types of online entertainment for children and adults.    


Compensation:  This is a part time position.    30% Commission Per Each Confirmed Sale   
Company's website:  •

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