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Laniya -

I painted and beaded this
board for a multimedia project.
I'm pleased with the way it tuned out. Thanks ZippyZoom Art.


Shandy -

Art is a great idea any way
​you look at it. I  love that there are more online art 
ZippyZoom is the creative and contemporary way to stay
safe at home.

Teenage Students

Girls Nite Out

Our  classes get pretty
heavy. It's fun to log on and just paint. Sometimes there's only a few people, sometimes the Zoom  classroom is full


Nandy & Roberta -

We celebrated my mom's  
birthday with the ZippyZoom art experience before the website launched. Now, we get to have fun painting online too. Congrats!!

Happy Family

The Beals -

We wanted to do something fun at home together. We also wanted to  have something to show for our time. ZippyZoom painting was it! 


Deborah - 

I have loved painting since
I was a child. Now as an adult I can still get my paint on.  Thank you so much

Art Class Girl

LaLa -

 I'm creative.  Sometimes I do my own thing. I like to try different types of art. Colorful paper and paint are my favorites!

Beautiful Young Artist

Jeana -

I saw ZippyZoom Art
online and decided to
try it.  I'm glad I did!


Youthville -

After School programs will
benefit from this website.
The kids love it. 
As instructors
we love it too!

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