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Online Virtual Painting Assistant 

Job Description
The Virtual Assistant monitors online class participants, facilitates the Zoom chatroom and is a supportive presence for the Online Painting Artist.  He/she answers questions via chat for the students of the class, troubleshoots issues that may come up before, during and after class and has an excellent understanding of how the Zoom Meeting App works.  It is also important that the Virtual Assistant is very computer literate and learns quickly.  It is helpful if the Virtual assistant can paint in the ZippyZoom Art tutorial style but it is not mandatory. However, having some basic artistic creativity will make answering questions and coming up with helpful suggestions for the attendees easier. Other technical  disciplines like data entry, social media, phone tech, photography, digital video and lighting are also included in this call to opportunity. The ideal person for this job will have an outgoing personality, strong work ethic, eagerness to learn, positive attitude and the ability to work quickly and energetically. Internet researchers, Social Media Enthusiasts and an interest in digital music will eventually come in handy because is expanding to include additional types of online experiences for children and adults. will train  you in any additional skills which will be required for this opportunity in the future.


Responsibilities include:
• Being ready and logged into the Zoom App. experience 30 minutes before class time starts. Ensuring that you will be present before any students join the Zoom Meeting Room. Maintaining your presence on screen for the duration of class.  Welcoming guests as they log in. Encouraging guests and creating a relaxed, fun atmosphere. 

• Participate in marketing events and activities (i.e. festivals, parades, etc.)

• Public speaking or performance skills (comfortable speaking on a microphone)

• Familiar with the Meeting Room Platform, Skype, Instagram TV and new meeting room technologies 

• Excellent time management, communication and interpersonal skills

• Work together as a team or individually with honesty and integrity

• Follows policies and procedures, supports company goals and values

• Ability to troubleshoot and solve technical issues that arise

• Computer skills, social network familiarity and general internet knowledge

• Must be punctual, dependable and follow instructions

• Preferred Education/Experience: College Degree in Art or Design related field

• Some experience leading a group of people (classroom or otherwise)

This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:
• Dependable – competent working independently or in a team situation with excellent organization skills
• People-oriented -- self motivated and disciplined with great oral communication and writing skills
• Innovative -- creative and quick thinking, effective decision maker, works well in unconventional ways 
• Amazing Mad Skillz -- q
uick thinking, effective decision maker, gifted and artistic in a technical, mechanical, engineering way, interested in the technical side of music production (music and coding skillz are a bonus)

Compensation:  Starting at $15 hr.  This is a part time position.
Company's website:  •


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