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Dionis Michelle Curtis,  Founder

I've had the best opportunities to work with talented teams. I've taught enthusiastic crowds of people showing them how to release their imaginations and creative spirits through art. I consider that to be God's work"


Dionis' Fine Art

Dionis Michelle Curtis

Founder, Multimedia Artist 

Dionis (dee-on-is) Michelle Curtis is an American Contemporary Multimedia Artist,  Born: June 10, 1962 Detroit, Michigan. The multi-faceted creator graduated in 2016 from the world-renowned College for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan and earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree. In 2006, she also earned an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems with a specialty in Multimedia from Macomb Community College, Macomb Michigan. 

After receiving certification from the Artists In Education program, Dionis spent
13-years with Community Arts Partnerships (CAP) a program of the College For Creative Studies. Through this organization she worked as a Lead Visual Arts Instructor in Detroit Public Schools (DPS).  She 
has led many youth art classes toward award-winning results. Her students have earned several Skillman Awards, the CAP's Director’s Choice Awards, and her student's work has appeared in art exhibitions, mini-murals, and in the hallways of many Detroit's Public Schools.

Adding to her teaching experience, Dionis has managed the Children's Gallery at the New Detroit Science Center, now the State of Michigan Science Center.
She has mentored students in the non-profit sector at various Summer Enrichment Art Camps and After-School Programs. She has facilitated recreational art therapy classes to mature woman in 12-Step Substance Abuse Recovery Programs, and she has worked as a Painting Stage Artist at several popular paint and sip establishments to great success. 

Dionis says, "I had the opportunity to work at the first popular paint and sip establishment. It was a dream job for me; in fact, I've rarely referred to it as work. I've had the best time collaborating with talented teams and teaching enthusiastic crowds of people how to release their imaginations and creative spirits. I consider that to be God's work. It prepared me for what I'm doing now."  

The entrepreneur now shares her love of art via her own virtual painting and crafting business online. 
She whimsically names her artistic enterprise and has designed the store/website herself. 

At you can select from a collection of artistic activities utilizing art media that includes vibrant acrylic, oil and watercolor paints, oil pastels (colored chalk), multi-color pencils, collaging materials and live, multimedia instructors that teach step by step painting and crafting 
tutorials online.  She delivers all of this creative content via the most popular "virtual" online meeting room platform.

Dionis also sells and exhibits her original paintings, unique paper sculptures and takes on commissions to create custom art in the United States. Dionis adds, "I make a good living as an artist and I have the wonderful opportunity to add value to the marketplace. I can finally give back to my community. I love what I do!"

  Visual Arts Instructor









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