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What We Do

We work and play from home by
teaching step-by-step painting tutorialz so you can express your own masterpiece on canvas!

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Services We Offer

Painting classes are what we do. We host virtual paint partyz. We provide 'Mail To U' paint kits and

Offer fun designs to choose from



Fun All Year Long!

Join us in a non-competitive, safe and friendly environment. Holidays birthdayz and special occasions love ZippyZoom Art. You will too!


How It Workz

View our paint selections. Choose the image you want to paint. Plan a virtual party! Book your date!


 Zoom With Us!

We teach our classes on the online meeting platform. A Iive instructor will teach virtual classes step by step in real time. 



Priceless Affordability

You make the masterpiece. We show you how! Your art has tremendous value in the marketplace. Book a class today and share your art!


What You'll Need

Use paint supplyz you have or purchase them from our supply partnerz online. Then you'll have all you need to create your art! 


Relax And Have Fun!

Create as you sit in the safety and comfort of your own home with family, friendz, classmatez coworkerz or just yourself!


Our ZippyZoom  Mission

To educate entertain and inspire the imagination  as we give humanity the gift of art. To remind us that we are all creatorz




Laniya -

I painted and beaded this
board for a multimedia project.
I'm pleased with the way it tuned out. Thanks ZippyZoom Art.


Shandy -

Art is a great idea any way ​you look at it. I  love that there are more online art alternatives.
ZippyZoom is the creative and contemporary way to stay safe at home.

Teenage Students

Girls Nite Out

Our  classes get pretty
heavy. It's fun to log on and just paint. Sometimes there's only a few people, sometimes the Zoom  classroom is full

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